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Title: I am Barely Breathing
Fandom: X-Men comic
Character: Domino
Prompt: Everything I did was wrong. Everything I said was wrong
I say I don't mind the failure but I'd be lying.
Everything I see is red
And I don't have to tell you that I'm dying for lyssie Big Damn Heroes Ladies Promptathon 8/7/11

She's supposed to be the luckiest woman alive what with her vaunted ability to shift the probabilties of any given situation in her favor.

And under normal circumstances that would be the case, but she does not fell so damn lucky any more. If you were to press her on that point, not an easy thing to do
given who she is and what she does, Domino would have admit that the 'luck' powers are not at the root of why she's been 'off.

She's always been the type that moves forward and does not look back, yeah, she mutters aloud. "Do I harbor any regrets for those I left behind?
Sure,but if you stop moving, you die. But it's getting harder and harder to let go. The others don't see it, but I'm supposed to be the one that always has it all together....
"she trailed off and slumped to the ground with the cold metal shaft of her rifles clasped in a white-knuckled grip.

"So why does it feel like I'm shattering into a million pieces. And each piece of glass I see everything in a bloody red-tinged haze. Damn it! I hate feeling this way!"

She gasped and uncurled one clenched fist in order to reach up and wipe away some of the worst of the sweat on her pale forehead. It's been to said that if one can feel need, loss, joy and pain, that's one metric to know that one is alive, but at this very moment Domino isn't so sure nor is she entirely certain that this a good or a bad thing. In the back of her mind she thinks.'It's a damn toss-up. So, do another roll of the dice.
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Disclaimer: ST: Deep Space Nine belongs to Paramount, UPN, etc; they are
not mine. Written for the Station Logs Challenge found on the dsnagogog
livejournal community.
Prompt: O'Brien and the Station Computer

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