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Title: Tomorrow is a Long Time Coming
Fandoms: ST: Deep Space Nine, ST: TOS
Author: karrenia_rune
Characters: DSN: Jadzia Dax
from TOS: in order of appearance: Lenoard McCoy, James T. Kirk,Spock,
Uhura, Sulu and Chekov

Prompt/Summary: Jadzia winds up in the AOS-verse: she would normally be trying her damndest not to make any ripples until someone shows up to retrieve her or she finds a way home, but she's beginning to realize that while she's from A future, she's not from THEIR future.

Prompt from the mirror-dreamwidth communtiy Where No Woman which also has a live journal counterpart.

This is the dream-width all Treks Prompt Post where I found it: http://where-no-woman.dreamwidth.org/1034.html

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