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Title: All of this is Window Dressing
Fandom: ST:DSN
Author: karrenia_rune
Rating: PG
Characters: Ezri Dax, Elim Garak, mentions of Julian Bashir
Season 5, Episode Tag: "The Wire"
Words: 1,656
Disclaimer: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine belongs to Paramount, UPN, Universal
etc, and its respective creators and producers as well as the characters who appear here or are mentioned; they are not mine.
Note: This was written for tornyourdress's unfilled request from the Small Fandom Exchange Yuletide 2010 Challenge.

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Disclaimer: ST: Deep Space Nine belongs to Paramount, UPN, etc; they are
not mine. Written for the Station Logs Challenge found on the dsnagogog
livejournal community.
Prompt: O'Brien and the Station Computer

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