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Title: Had We Worlds Enough and Time
Fandom: Space Cases (Nickoloden)
Author: Karrenia
Rating: Teen
Words: 11,448
Summary: The discovery of an supposedly legendary powerful alien device leads the crew into not-so friendly three way competetion between themselves, Reaver, the space-pirate and Spung Warlord Shank. All them are now pinning very different hopes held by the Engine of Creation.

The accompanying artwork was created by the talented and fantastic beccastareyes on her artwork journal which can be found here: <"artwork">

Disclaimer: Space Cases is the creation of Peter David and Bill Mumy and belongs to Nickelodeon Television. It is not mine. This was written for the 2012 Multifandom Challenge Journey Story 2.0

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Title: I Stopped Looking Then Just Crashed
Fandom: Space Case (tv)
Author: karrenia
Words: 925
Rating: PG
Genre: spyfic, pre-series for the chosen fandom
Characters: Reaver, Seth Goddard, OC: Vale Evander
Disclaimer: Space Cases is the creation of Nickoloden Television, Bill Mumy and Peter David; they are not mine.
Note: the story is posted on my own LJ account: which can be found here:

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Title: A Fistful of Sky
Fandom: Space Cases
Author: karrenia
Genre: AU, Old West
Words: 1435
Prompt: "Of course I have a plan, I just haven't thought of it yet.

Disclaimer: Space Cases belongs to Nickoloden, Bill Mumy, Peter David etc, they are not mine. The story is set in a space-age alternate universe old west and was written for the 2011 Space Cases Promptathon.

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chapter 2 Maverick

Disclaimer: Space Cases belongs to Nickoloden TV, and is the creation of Bill Mumy and Peter David and its producers etc. Note: The story is the follow-up chapter to "A Fistful of Sky."

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chapter 3 "All the Pretty Horses"


Every so often the law catches a lucky break and Sheriff Seth Goddard is not above using that to his advantage, especially when he's after his old nemeis, the notorious outlaw, Reaver.

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Title: You Can't Keep a Good Man Down
Fandom: Space Cases
Author: karrenia
Words: 1100
Rating: PG
Set pre-series
Prompt: On his demotion

Disclaimer: Space Cases was created by Bill Mumy and Peter David and belongs to Nickoloden
Television; it is not mine.

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