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This is belated post, I know, since assigments have already gone out, but nevertheless, here we go.

Thank for writing for me, and I am sure that I will enjoy whatever you come up with story-wise.
I enjoy character-centric stories, especially given those fandoms with large ensemble casts, and I am pretty easy to please, I enjoy action/adventure, angst, crossovers, interactions, relationship,slice-of-life, character studies, drama, and I am pretty eclectic when it comes to fandoms.

Anything from any rating from G to R, but I'm not much for femmslash, or incest.

As to my specific requests, here there are in the order I put them in, although I will enjoy a story from any of them.

1. ST: Deep Space Nine. I put in my optional details about something to do with the developing
relationship between Kira Nerys and Tora Ziyal, I just always thought there was so much there to be explored, either in the very beginnings or later on, or even if you care to go the angst route, after her death. I know that Dukat was a common factor between them, but he does not necessarily h have to be a major player in the story; if that makes any sense.

2. ST:TNG Tasha Yar, I think there she's pretty awesome and there's so much more that could have done with her character. Again, I put in my optional details that it's more on my wish list to explore Tasha's character or something to do with her half-human, half-Romulan daughter, Sela, but don't take the above as set in stone, please do whatever you feel is right for the story that you want to tell.

3. Andromeda, I love all of them, in any combination or in their own right. This fandom is on old and still much loved fandom for me.

4. Marvel Comics, I am decidely in the Peter David-run of this title, which means I love all of the fantastic and fierce ladies of X-Factor Investigations. I love Rahne, but I don't think I could write her all that well myself. I love Monet on her own, or her growing friendship with Theresa.

5. Transformer: GI, When I said any, I meant it.

6. Mists of Avalon-Bradley, Again, anything in this fandom will be wonderful, I'm feeling nostalgic for the ladies of Arthurian lore.

Lastly, please have a good time, and thank so much for writing for me!

Take care, karrenia
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