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Title: Sympathetic Magic
Fandoms: Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass
w/How the Grinch Stole Christmas-Dr. Seusss crossover.
Author: karrenia
Rating: PG, but probably no higher than that, bu it's a little bit darker in tone than the
source canon.
Word: 2,515
Summary: The Mad Hatter finds himself unexpectedly in another world where he gets to play the hero, with the help of an intelligent dog, and he finds, that it is a very good thing.
Note: I just came off from reading stories for the 2011 Rare Fandom Yuletide Exchange and this idea stuck in my head and would not go away.
Prompt#09 tears

Link to the prompt table on LJ can be found <"here">

Disclaimer: The Alice universe does not belong to me, and the same goes for the Suess works; they are both the creations of their original authors and I am only 'borrowing' them for the purposes of the story.

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