Aug. 2nd, 2014

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Better late than never, right? I realize that assignments have already gone out, but here we go.

Dear author: First off, thank you for writing for me and for sharing a love of rare characters
in whatever fandoms we matched on. Yay! I am very easy to please. I love fandoms with large
ensemble casts so anything from action/adventure, day-in-the life, character studies, crossovers
AUs, missing/expanded scenes, and post and pre-series will be fine. I also like angst but with
happy endings

General dislikes: PWP, incest, gender-swaps and the like.

Any rating from G to R will be fine

Fandom Specific

Requests: Andromeda
For this particular fandoms, for some reason is one that I keep coming back to over and over
again. I love both Rhades, Gaheris and Telemachus, so I would love me some Rhade in whatever
incarnation you care to go in. I also love the found family dynamic between Beka, Harper,
Trance and Rev Bem.
For some reason I also love the Harper/Trance dynamic although I don't generally ship them
Some Tyr would be nice, but again do what you think best fits the story that you want tell.
On, Tyr some back-story would be cool, but not strictly necessary.

2. The Death Gate Cycle-Weis & Hickman
I love this series, so again, pretty much anything will be fine.
Of course, Haplo/Alfred either before when they were atagnoist towards each other
or later on when they were allies and almost friends.
If you would like to incorporate Marit's character into that dynamic somewhere I would
be a very happy camper.
For some reason I think I am craving some fic about some of the minor characters
that get little to no time in the spotlight, such as say, Hugh the Hand or Irdial?

3. Defiance
I picked up the father/daughter found family dynamic between Nolan and Irisa right away
and loved it, so if you want to examine their relationship either pre-series or during
current canon that would be fantastic. If you want to go current canon, you could
maybe examine how their relationship is bit strained now during the time, I think it was
nine months since she disappared after the first season finale and the E=Republic moved
in and now that she's back, harboring a secret.

I also like the Christie/Alak pairing, although I'm not sure what's going on with them.

4. Memory, Sorrow, Thorn-Tad Williams
Oh, my heart! I think right now, this is my go-to epic fantasy series that I've re-read
over and over. I love the large ensemble cast and there really is not any one character
that I wouldn't mind reading fic about.
For romantic pairings, which I generally don't do, but wouldn't mind reading about
would be Simon/Miriamele, Jousha/Vorszhea and although it never actually happened
in canon, it was more of what-if, could-have been situation, Eoliar and Magewin.

It would also be interesting to explore the dynamic/interaction between Simon and the
Sithi Jiriki. Any other characters listed are also among my favorites.

Again, here I don't need if it lends itself to action/adventure, so pre or post series,
or character studies or missing scenes would be wonderful.

5. Sleepy Hollow (tv)

As for pairings go I would love some Ichabod/Katrina set during the
Revolutinary war era, or if that's not your cup of tea, something
when he manages to cross the border into where she's imprisioned.

Ottherwise, It would also be interesting to see a pre-series fic
about either Abbies or Jenny's relationship with August Corbin.

Or the family dynamics between the Irvings.

or Abbie and Jenny being awesome together?
Here, I would like action/adventure,missing/expanded scenes, and
back-story and character studies

Thank you again for writing for me and sorry about the belatedness of getting this up.
Thank you, and take care, karrenia.
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